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Where are CPMs legally authorized to practice? Where aren’t they?

See the PushMap below that shows where CPMs are legally authorized to practice in 37 states (GREEN states). When the Big Push was conceived in November 2007, only 21 states allowed CPMs to be legally authorized to practice.

  • 36 States that regulate CPMs (Law Enacted / Rules in Some States)
  • 1 State Legalized CPMs by Statute (Law Enacted)
  • Also, CPMs are now regulated in the District of Columbia (Law Enacted)
  • CPMs are not legally authorized to practice in 14 states and 3 Territories (GOLD areas). In these jurisdictions, CPMs are at risk of criminal prosecution for practicing medicine or nursing without a license, which drives the practice of midwifery underground and creates barriers to access for women seeking maternity care.
    Download a PDF of the PushMap here.


Learn more about where families are fighting Big Medicine for legal access to CPMs:

  1. See the PushChart below that shows the state-by-state regulation picture of where CPMs can practice legally, and where they can't. Download a PDF of the PushChart here
  2. See the PushStates below that are in action and contact the folks on the ground in your state. Many hands can help to make light work.


Please join your state group(s) today and increase access to CPMs!

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