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dreamstimefree_105175_headlines_sm.jpgFrom members of the news media to maternity care industry experts, to a rapidly growing community of birth options bloggers, the reports are stacking up for all to see. Increased access to Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) - the only U.S. midwives whose educational standards require them to undergo specialized clinical training in out-of-hospital settings as a condition of national certification - is the future. CPMs provide affordable, quality, community-based care that is proven to reduce costly and preventable interventions, as well as the rate of low-birth, weight, and premature births.

CPMs provide quality, affordable, accessible, community-based care that reduces costly and preventable interventions, while also reducing the rate of low-birthweight and premature births (see this annotated guide to the literature on home birth). Women also report they face less mistreatment when midwives provide their care or they give birth at home or in a birth center (see the recent study published in the June 2019 issue of Reproductive Health). The US can no longer afford a system that produces maternal deaths and inferior results at premium costs.

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