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News Releases and Media Alerts


  • MAY 5 – Where’s My Midwife? That is the Question on International Day of the Midwife.
    New Podcast Launches as Companion Crowdmap Links Midwives to Pregnant People


  • APRIL 8 – 'Where's My Midwife?' Map Links Midwives to Pregnant People


  • JULY 10 – Licensing Protects Midwives and Patients; “Private Membership Associations” Do Not


  • JAN 30 – Largest US Study to Date Finds Home Birth to Be a Safe Option for Most Women



  • JAN 26 – CDC Finds Continued Increase in Home Births


  • AUG 15 – Study: Two-Thirds of OB-GYN Clinical Guidelines Have No Basis in Science
  • MAR 30 – Home Birth Midwives Bill Gains Bipartisan Support in North Carolina
  • FEB 2 – "Blizzard Babies”\" Website Connects Midwives with Stranded Mothers-to-Be
  • JAN 21 – Physician Group Uses Junk Science to Justify Its Opposition to Home Birth and the Midwives Trained to Provide It: Discredited "Wax Paper" Cited In Call to Deny Women Access to Certified Professional Midwives.


  • SEPT 27 – Walk for Moms and Midwives Event – October 9th in Raleigh Area in North Carolina
  • JULY 7 – OB/GYN Journal Fast Tracks Anti-Home Birth Study in Advance of Pro-Midwife Legislation: International expert calls study deeply flawed and politically motivated.
  • MAR 4 – CDC Report: Demand for Out-of-Hospital Midwife Births Sharply Increases: Research debunks physician group claims that actress Ricki Lake is responsible for rise in out-of-hospital births.


  • OCT 9 – PBS Global Health Watch Report: High Rate of Home Birth in the Netherlands Results in Reduced Costs, Superior Outcomes: Report follows landmark Dutch study on the safety of home birth.
  • SEPT 11 – Physicians Take Anti-Midwife Smear Campaign to the Airwaves: Home birth mothers, celebrities, insulted on national TV.
  • AUG 31 – Viral Internet Campaign Exposes Bogus Research on the "Problem" of Increased Demand for Midwife Care: Thousands of activists nationwide force physician group to scrub its website.
  • AUG 25 – Physician Group Pulls the Plug on Women’s Autonomy: Issues policy statement about what women in labor will be "allowed" to eat and drink.
  • AUG 17 – Advocates Spotlight Absence of "Beginning-of-Life" Provisions in House Bill: Maternity care crisis ignored as controversy about end-of-life issues continues.
  • AUG 12 – South Dakota Mother to Walk Across the State to Raise Awareness About Lack of Access to Certified Professional Midwives: Hundreds to join her in show of support for change in state law.
  • JUNE 15 – Physician Lobby Groups Propose "Model" Maternity Care Legislation That Would Deny U.S. Taxpayers Billions in Savings: Plan to block access to Certified Professional Midwives and out-of-hospital birth puts mothers and babies at risk.
  • MAY 18 – Congress Invited to Attend Issue Briefing on Maternity Care and the Role of Out-of-Hospital Birth in Reducing Costs, Improving Outcomes: Expert panel to address the need to include services of Certified Professional Midwives in health care reform.
  • APRIL 28 – Flu Raises Concern about Shortage of Midwives for Out-of-Hospital Birth: Advocates call on state and federal policy makers to prioritize maternal and infant safety.
  • APRIL 1 – Idaho Pushes Midwife Movement to the Tipping Point: Physician and Midwife groups forge unprecedented alliance as Idaho becomes the 26th state to pass legislation legalizing Certified Professional Midwives.
  • FEB 17 – Physician Groups Out-of-Step as the Number of Health Care Organizations In Support of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) and Out-of-Hospital Birth Rapidly Increases: Nurses, perinatal health care specialists echo Consumer Reports Magazine in calling for integrating midwives into U.S. maternity-care system.
  • FEB 9 – Home-baked Cookies in Gratitude: Missouri Families Thank State Lawmakers for Legalizing Certified Professional Midwives
  • FEB 9 – Home Birth Safety Act Draws Unprecedented Support in South Dakota
  • JAN 12 – NC House Committee Recommends Licensing Midwives
  • JAN 8 – Idaho Midwives Bill Draws National Attention


  • DEC 20 – Sen. Daschle welcomed to Heartland Maternity Care Community Meeting: New HHS Secretary invited to hear the stories of doctors and midwives, mothers and families, and others on the affordability and quality of maternity care in Missouri and Kansas
  • SEPT 1 – Number Two With a Bullet: Critical Women’s Health Issues Neglected as Physician Group Yet Again Sets its Sights on Midwives
  • JULY 10 – Midwives Group Applauds American Medical Association’s Statement on Racism: Calls on AMA to Extend Its Apologies to African American Midwives
  • JUNE 20 – Amidst Uproar, Physician Group Votes Not to Target Ricki Lake: Questions Remain About How Home Birth Bans Will Be Enforced
  • JUNE 16 – Father Knows Best Meets Big Brother Is Watching: Physician Group Seeks to Outlaw Home Birth—Is Jail for Moms Next?
  • FEB 7 – ACOG: Out of Touch with Needs of Childbearing Families: Trade Union claims out-of-hospital birth is "trendy;" tries to play the "bad mother" card
  • JAN 25 – New Attention to the Big Push for Midwives Campaign: Chicago Tribune article prompts hail of comments, bloggers get busy, and actress Carrie-Anne Moss of The Matrix gives Statement of Support to The Big Push for Midwives.


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