Don't Let Goliath Push You Down

Don't Let Goliath Push You Down

The Big Push for Midwives Campaign is pushing hard to ensure that Certified Professional Midwives are legally authorized to practice in all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam.

And we're proud to push hard, since our opponents, ACOG and OBGYN PAC, are working so fiercely together, raising and spending money big hand over closed fist on ads, telemarketing calls, and direct contributions to legislators' campaign chests, all to protect the specific interests of its member OB/GYNs.

In 2010, ACOG's PAC raised nearly $900K and spent more than $680K of it (a 10-fold increase over what they raised for their honeypot just 8 years ago), and it's interesting to consider ACOG boasts that its PAC can raise as much as $30,000 in a single month and that hundreds of OBs from across the country donate to the PAC at the President's Club level of $5,000 each.

No wonder then that they achieved a 60% increase in the number of physicians elected to Congress in 2010, and no surprise that these OB-legislators have hit Capitol Hill pre-programmed with the messages put forth by recently-stepped-down ACOG President Richard N. Waldman, MD, whose focus for the 112th Congress was on "keeping our specialty safe from those would transform it," in other words, from those who advocate for access to midwives and out-of-hospital maternity care.

Heck, if you can't beat the high-quality, low-cost competition that Certified Professional Midwives bring to the maternity-care marketplace, just make your focus the absolute elimination of these nationally certified providers of out-of-hospital maternity care. (For those of you watching gobsmacked from home, you may not realize that working behind the scene, ACOG's lobbyists have already systematically stripped CPMs out of various Health Care bills – with nary an objection from the other maternity-care groups around the table that ACOG has already pushed down into submission.)

Give Hope to Mothers and Families

Please make a recurring monthly donation of $10 dollars to the Big Push for Midwives Campaign for the U.S. States and Territories that are pushing together for a nation of CPM birth options.

Goliath is well-financed, and the Big Push for Midwives Campaign needs your support this month and every month so that we may continue to provide vital "labor" support (in the form of legal counsel, media and general advocacy support, education and outreach) to the courageous mothers and families who sacrifice so much in order to push the CPM birth options movement ahead.


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