Pushing Back to Protect Our Birth Rights

Dear Childbirth Professionals, Moms, Dads, and Birth Options Activists:

On behalf of The Big Push for Midwives, a most sincere THANK YOU for all you do to increase pro-midwife and pro-birth options in the U.S. You inspire us.

Before 2012 gets away, please take a breath to think of all you've done this year to push for victories in the ongoing movement to protect our birth rights. Stay encouraged. Note all you have invested in our shared cause! The work continues: together, we're pushing for birth options!

The Big Push for Midwives Campaign is fiscally sponsored by Sustainable Markets Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Support the work of the amazing folks in the PushStates

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*Please Share This Message, Birth Rights Affect Us All

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  • Everyone: please expand the circle of the birth activist community.
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HOURS LEFT — PushAlert: Mass Needs YOU

Only Hours Left for HB 4253—An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives

TODAY is the day, Massachusetts!!!

The midwifery bill URGENTLY needs you!

Please call your own legislator NOW, letting him/her know that having good birth options is important to you. Please ask them to call Chairman Dempsey and ask him to release our bill—HB 4253—An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives—today.

We only have HOURS left to get the bill out of committee.
Every call makes a big difference.

If you have more time, please call the following Ways and Means committee members (list with numbers follows at the end of this message), asking them to release the bill ASAP so it can go to the House floor for a vote. We can still get the bill out but need your help now, more than ever.

With your help, we can do this. Thank you!

Find your own rep’s contact info here:

Ways and Means Committee members:
Please call and ask them to release the bill for a vote!

  • Stephen Kulik 617-722-2380
  • Martha M. Walz 617-722-2380
  • Angelo M. Scaccia 617-722-2060
  • Gloria L. Fox 617-722-2060
  • Thomas M. Petrolati 617-722-2255
  • Robert M. Koczera 617-722-2582
  • Christine E. Canavan 617-722-2575
  • Timothy J. Toomey Jr 617-722-2380
  • Benjamin Swan 617-722-2680
  • Colleen M. Garry 617-722-2380
  • Geraldine Creedon 617-722-2305
  • Kevin J. Murphy 617-722-2877
  • David B. Sullivan 617-722-2070
  • Ruth B. Balser 617-722-2396
  • John P. Fresolo 617-722-2017
  • Walter F. Timilty 617-722-2230
  • Thomas M. Stanley 617-722-2230
  • William Smitty Pignatelli 617-722-2582
  • Joyce A. Spiliotis 617-722-2430
  • Carl M. Sciortino, Jr 617-722-2013
  • Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr. 617-722-2090
  • Michael D. Brady 617-722-2230
  • James J. Dwyer 617-722-2220
  • Ann-Margaret Ferrante 617-722-2210
  • Timothy R. Madden 617-722-2810
  • Viriato Manuel deMacedo 617-722-2100
  • Daniel K. Webster 617-722-2487
  • Geoffrey G. Diehl 617-722-2810
  • Angelo D'Emilia 617-722-2810
  • Shaunna O'Connell 617-722-2305
  • Donald H. Wong 617-722-2488


Ann Sweeney
[email protected]
617-254-6175 617-901-2777 - c


Miriam Khalsa
[email protected]

Contact for information and questions:

  1. Miriam Khalsa (Mass Midwives Alliance)
    508-655-7885 ([email protected])
  2. Audra Karp (Mass Midwives Alliance)
    617-522-8383 ([email protected])
  3. Ann Sweeney (Mass Friends of Midwives)
    617-254-6175/617-901-2777 ([email protected])
  4. Krina Patel (The Suffolk Group)
    617-303-4570 ([email protected]
  • Stephen Kulik 617-722-2380

  • Martha M. Walz 617-722-2380

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